Spencer is a young ever-growing company, recognised around the world for its reliability and production excellence.

Emphasis is constantly placed on improving professionalism and organisation of the Spencer staff so that they have the best possibility to satisfy and assist our customers.

All new employees participate in specific training routines which are specially formulated for their role in the company. To enter the Spencer team means entering a world of creativity and mutual collaboration.

Join our team, where collaboration and creativity stimulate each other.

How to candidate yourself

Throughout the course of the year Spencer selects spontaneous job applications for the Italian and the foreign divisions. Only the job applications received from will be considered. Thank you for your cooperation.

Job selection process

After signing in you will join the Spencer job candidates' database.

When a job position in line with your competences and attitudes will be available, you will receive an invitation for the first job interview. This first meeting will be an important occasion to know you in person and introduce our company.

For some specific job selections, more interviews will be necessary in order to examine your technical expertise in depth. In case you will be chosen, you will be invited to a welcome interview to sign your employment contract and meet your work team.