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New online catalogue

Published on 27.05.2011

Check the
new product area: the biggest emergency catalogue is now on line with hundreds
of photos, 3D images, explanation, technical details of the complete range of
Spencer products.


The innovated
online catalogue has been designed for fast and easy consultation. The product
index remains visible in the left hand column and while browsing the pages you
can keep check on the areas you have consulted. Every product is illustrated
with its technical characteristics and on passing the mouse over the image,
extra information is given  to underline
the specific details of the product.


The new
catalogue is compatible with all the latest technology in computers:  from pc’s to netbooks, smartphones  to IPad’s. It is already  available is several languages and more are
on the way.  You’ll be able to find the
product you with just a click thanks to the new search engine that will take
you straight to the page you need while at the same time offering you some
useful hints.  Don’t waste precious time
and check out the new online catalogue of the world’s most complete range of
emergency products.