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Tango - product of the year 2011

Published on 12.05.2011

EMS Today 2011 - Top ten products of the year
Taken from EMS1 - Insights on innovations.

This year at  EMS Today in  Baltimore some sensational new products were presented.  Here’s our Top Ten.

1) Spencer is an Italian leader in the world of rescue and emergency and they have an extremely complete and comprehensive range of products most of which are extremely well designed and built. At  EMS Today they presented a truly revolutionary board which combines two boards in one. It’s called Tango and it is the combination a high quality board with an adjustable paediatric board fitted inside. It takes up the space of a conventional spine board but in the case of a paediatric casualty offers a tailor sized board for the little ones. Even better is the way the same paediatric board combines 4 different profiles.

As we all know, the smaller a baby is – the bigger the head is in proportion with the body and instead of having a cushion under the head, they need it under their back. The Spencer paediatric board does exactly this: based on the height of the child, you just have to choose the profile most adapt  for the correct alignment of the spine. Integrated labelling makes the operation even easier. Tango is certainly the most advanced and versatile spine board I have ever seen.

2) Hamilton-T1 Ventilator by  Hamilton Medical.
3) Extreme Parka by  Gerber Outerwear: a really special emergency vest .
4) The UCAPIt Controlled Access Pharmacy, the vending machine concept applied to medicine dispensers and emergency instruments.
5) Fasplint, an invention by  Hartwell Medical. This product  could finally help the vacuum mattress, already popular in Europe, take off also in the States.
6) The  StyLite by OmniGlow for price and innovation to be included in every intubation kit.
7) ActivePure by Active Health Solutions answers the challenge of controlling potential pathogensinside the ambulance  and therefore is a safeguard for the operators health.
8) BoundTree Medical innovating laryngoscopes with the introduction of  Green LED: a LED fibre optic laryngoscope running on AA batteries.
9) T.H.E. Medical 2 handy devices for lateral movement of patients which promise sto semplify the movement of patients from the stretcher to the hospital bed and vice versa.  10) Mennen Medical Corporation presented  CritiCool, a system for active cooling. It seems to still have a few limitations but it could certainly become an alternative to dry ice and instanti ice spray.