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Research is advancing

Spencer research also advances in the individuation and in the choice of the technical materials that integrate products destined for transportation rather than containment. SPEN-TEX materials have evolved so much, that today we can speak of a composite membrane with a supporting basis, vinyl coating and a final external covering. Excellent qualitative yield, perfect resistance to solar beams and atmospheric agents, non absorbency ensured by a PVC covering or acrylic resin. These are the main technical aspects of the SPEN-TEX material, it guarantees perfect protection for any kind of container in various localized applications. SPEN-TEX, water-proof, antibacterial, super light and long lasting, is characterized by minimum volume, maximum capacity of resistance, extreme flexibility and easy handling.
SPEN-TEX The external covering obtained by applying a protective film on the coating. This finishing offers SPEN-TEX a non-sticking shield on which the dust will slip away when it rains, so as to facilitate the cleaning of the membranes. The base material or support is the element that ensures the mechanical characteristics of the finished product. The fibres, linked together like threads, are assembled thanks to a continuous weaving process that interlaces threads between the warp and the texture. The common thread used is a high tenacity polyester fibre, that takes various names according to the resistance required. In this specific case we have gone for low wicking, which prevents humidity penetration by capillarity inside the support, avoiding stains in transparency, that can influence the membrane's life. The coating performs its main function to make the material water-proof and contains all the necessary products to differentiate the membrane for aesthetic aspects and resistance to external agents and fire. The PVC coating formula of SPEN-TEX contains, in addition to other plastic components, fireretardants, substances against mildew or anti-UV beams and coloured pigments, an antibacterial substance that makes it unique and exceptionally adapt.


The consistent texture makes this material particularly suitable for the worst environmental conditions. The water-proof nylon meets the mechanic resistance of Oxford. The coating in polyurethane or polyvinylchloride makes the product soft and comfortable. Nylon Ripstop antistrappo

Nylon Ripstop tear-resistant

The thick texture with small padded squares used to manufacture the material has become particularly efficient in avoiding un- repairable tearing or common rips as found in common materials such as polyamide. Cordura Dupont

Cordura Dupont

Original Cordura Dupont, today, is still the most popular amongst specialists thanks to its durability. Resistant to abrasions and to dragging, it also withstands tears and perforation. Its performance exceeds, with factors of 10, most of the other cotton and leather fabrics.