Spurred on by its audacious and innovative spirit, Spencer set its sights on broadening the range of aids available for diagnostics. One company alone would have difficulty in achieving such changes on its own. This is why Spencer joined forces with the best strategic partners of the sector, with the aim to provide a complete and expanded range. The target is simple: to optimize the development of the products and services, in order to improve the quality of devices in critical situations. Total availability and total reliability and not only confirmation of the superior technology, but also the complete safety of both the production processes and the product to safeguard the interests of our customers.
For the new range of Oyster diagnostics kits, we have created a special container which exploits the shell in order to make the most of its protective and aesthetic semiotic potential. It is as if the eternal rhythm of the waves have been entrapped within the shell, its essence of harmony and colour, a line of infinite variations on a theme. It becomes a dynamic symbol of life, an element loaded with positive values and good wishes, which are often found in the ancient culture of many nations throughout the world. The design of a device does not stop at its use; it has to incorporate use and go beyond use. This is why we have designed a protection with a flattened form which combines two flat surfaces orientated horizontally and vertically. We are orientated within the project and the safety aspects and especially where vital parameters are involved.