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An untiring protagonist. Extreme work conditions, prohibitive weather conditions: nothing can stop Otis. It is not a surprise that it is considered the favourite pulse oximeter amongst today's untiring rescuers. The innovative original Spencer design has developed rapidly giving life to the prestigious and highly perfectioned actual model.

POX 12

Soft pouch

Developed especially to offer maximum protection to the Otis 1000 Series.
  • POX 12 - PO00312C

POX 13

Otis 7 Series pouch

Designed specially for the Otis 7 Series, this cover offers protection during transport and use.
  • POX 13 - PO00313B


With Otis pulse oximeters you have the possibility to chose from a wide range of high performance sensors which will satisfy even the most demanding operator handling in 'out of standard' patients or particular applications.
0843 LXF

S 1

Finger sensor

S 1 S 1 is an innovative and unique sensor, developed to fit on any finger type; from large adult-size fingers to paediatric-size fingers, thanks to the double integrated cinematic system, which guarantees both practical use and correct results.
  • S 1 for Otis 1000 Series - PO00461C
  • S 1 for Otis 7 and Otis 100 Series - PO00103C

S 2

Soft sensor

S 2 S 2 is an ideal sensor for long-term monitoring, fitting both adult and paediatric patients.
  • S 2 for Otis 1000 Series - PO05300C
  • S 2 for Otis 7 and Otis 100 Series - PO00104C

S 3

Paediatric sensor

S 3 S 3 is dedicated to paediatric patients and can be used with all Otis pulse oximeters.
  • S 3 for Otis 1000 Series - PO05100C
  • S 3 for Otis 7 and Otis 100 Series - PO00102C

S 4

Disposable paediatric sensor

S 4 IS 4 is developed for paediatric patients and guarantees the registration of vital parameters with high hygiene level.
  • S 4 for Otis 1000 Series - PO05705C
  • S 4 for Otis 7 and Otis 100 Series - PO05706C

Vital parameter kit

The quality of the soft Spencer pouch is ideal for the registering vital parameters.
New LXF Kit
Hot printing Product 50 x 30 mm [1.96 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 01

DIA Oyster

Diagnostics kit with integrated compact pulse oximeter

DIA Oyster For the new range of Oyster diagnostics kits, we have created a special container which exploits the shell in order to make the most of its protective and aesthetic semiotic potential. A special bag; multi-purpose and characterized by a professional and essential line. The result of the project is a product that is useful in emergency situations, on hospital wards and also for home visits.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 80 x h250 mm [11.81 x 3.14 x h9.84 in]
  • Weight: 2 kg [4.40 lbs]
  • DIA Oyster complete - DG01442B

DIA Paramedic

Diagnostics kit with integrated pulse oximeter

DIA Paramedic DIA Paramedic, apart from having a space dedicated to diagnostic instruments, also offers incredible versatility along with extremely exploitable spaces. It will adapt easily also to all your personal needs. In short, rescue workers with this product have not only comfort, but also all the space for all they need.
  • Dimensions: 365 x 110 x h245 mm [14.37 x 4.33 x h9.64 in]
  • Weight: 4.2 kg [9.25 lbs]
  • DIA Paramedic complete - DG01441B