Sphygmomanometers aneroid large dial

Viso Spencer

Aneroid sphygmomanometer large dial

Viso Spencer is the perfect sphygmomanometer to be used in ambulances, but can also be used in hospitals, clinics and doctor's surgeries.
  • Accurate calibration
  • Swiss mechanism
  • Long lasting
  • Large dial (internal face diameter: 136 mm [5.35 in])
  • Clear reading
  • Anti-shock plastic material
  • Metal basket covered with plastic
  • Ripstop washable cuff
  • Spiral hose
  • self-adherent strips closure
Viso Spencer
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Viso Spencer rotates, an easy swivelling system to attach to the wall allows you to read it from any angle. Viso Spencer provides a rail attachment system. An exclusive calibration system on the gauge allows you to have a guaranteed and precise blood pressure reading. Single packaging in cardboard box printed in flexography. Spencer also offers a wide range of cuffs of different sizes.
  • Weight: 1.1 kg [2.42 lbs]
  • Viso Spencer - DG01420A
Viso Spencer In order to read the sphygmomanometer even in uncomfortable positions, the tip of the pointer is fluorescent orange.
Viso Spencer The rail and wall fixing system is very easy to apply and allows a rotation range of 120 °, guaranteeing reliable reading from any angle.
Viso Spencer The red valve that controls the inflating and deflating air, thanks to its ergonomic shape, guarantees a micro-metric output that will give a reliable reading.

Viso Bumper

Aneroid sphygmomanometer with large dial and protection

Viso Bumper is a high quality sphygmomanometer which distinguishes itself for its interesting quality/price ratio. It is particularly large and stable and with no problem it will impose easily in daily rescue and transport activities. The ABS wall support is extraordinarily strong and thanks to a simple mechanism, it allows a wide rotation. But Viso Bumper goes further because it has been projected to equip ambulances; the outer shell is an assuring element made of unbreakable material based on shockproof thermoplastic rubber resistant both to bumps and bangs and to chemical products. We have also reserved a space on the outside to personalize this instrument in a permanent way. Single packaging in cardboard box printed using a four-coloured process. Spencer also offers a wide range of cuffs in different sizes. The 10 G version is available.
Viso Bumper
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Permaview Product 25 x 15 mm [0.90 x 0.59 in] col 02 min 50
Hot printing Product 35 x 15 mm [1.37 x 0.59 in] col 01 min 200
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  • Weight: 1 kg [2.20 lbs]
  • Weight: 10 G: 1.2 kg [2.64 lbs]
  • Viso Bumper yellow - DG01600A
  • Viso Bumper black - DG01601A
  • Viso Bumper yellow 10 G - DG01602A
  • Viso Bumper black 10 G - DG01603A
Viso Bumper The structure of Viso Bumper is made of ABS but to protect the sophisticated and precise mechanism, we have equipped it with a special shell that guarantees a long lasting device easily cleaned.
Viso Bumper A spacey basket made of strong ABS for cuff and tube in the back of the instrument. Easy to clean. It allows to keep your accessories neatly in order and to have them always with you.
Viso Bumper Thanks to a special space within the shell mould, you can personalize the Viso Bumper with your name or logo.
Viso Bumper Available in the following colours

Viso Kompak Series

Products ideal for use on car/air/water ambulances. Even with strong vibrations the inside mechanism will give a precise measurement. The compact structure makes them ideal for ambulances or medical clinics. The large dark blue face with white numbers has wide dimensions and permits very easy reading. Supplied with an adult cuff made of Oxford nylon with self-adherent strips calibrated closure, a mono latex rubber bulb with valve and spiral hose, allowing for good extension and guaranteeing that pressure measurement will be achieved even if the sphygmomanometer is distant. Usually special design, reliability and superior quality have a high price.
Viso Kompak
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Silk screen printing Product 50 x 30 mm [1.96 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 200
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As leader in the manufacturing of diagnostic medical equipment, Spencer wants to establish with the Viso Kompak Series a new vision, by making the large dial sphygmomanometers accessible to a wide number of users.

Viso Kompak

Large dial aneroid sphygmomanometer for rail/wall attachment

Made for attachment to a rail or to be wall mounted. The rotating support is made of a sheet of laminated chromed steel, which ensures solid fixation to the wall and an excellent rotating angle. When it is not in use, it becomes a spacey container for the cuff and tubes attached to the sphygmomanometer. Complete with adult cuff. Single packaging in cardboard box printed using a four-coloured process. Spencer also offers a wide range of cuffs of different sizes.
Viso Kompak
  • Weight: 800 g [1.76 lbs]
  • Viso Kompak - DG01500A

Viso Kompak-T

Large face aneroid sphygmomanometer for table

Made for medical clinics. The structure becomes a spacey container for the cuff and other accessories. The wide base makes it stable. The inclination, combined with the large graded scale, permit very easy reading and reduces eye stress. Complete with adult cuff Single packaging in cardboard box printed using a four-coloured process. Spencer also offers a wide range of cuffs of different sizes.
Viso Kompak-T
  • Weight: 850 g [1.87 lbs]
  • Viso Kompak-T - DG01502A