Rigid/semi-rigid splints

Blue Splint/Blue Splint Pro

Rigid splints with flexible internal structure

A handy system created by Spencer to immobilize joints effectively and simply. The Blue Splint immobilization system, made in five shapes, has changed its way of treating fractured or sprained joints. All splints can be modelled according to the necessity of each case and once obtained the desired profile, the splint will offer extraordinary rigidity. To align the splint in a straight position it is sufficient to straighten by hand the inside structure. Blue Splints are extremely light and could be overlapped with each other to create an infinity of configurations and solutions.
Blue Splint Pro
Hot printing Product 30 x 20 mm [1.18 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 15
Hot printing Transport bag 100 x 50 mm [3.93 x 1.96 in] col 01 min 01
They can be used for adults and children of any size. The versatility and the compactness that characterize the splints make them useful for the rescuer even in the most strange of situations. The arm and forearm splints are also used as an armrest during intravenous infusions. Perfect for ambulances, medical cars, mountain rescue, sport medicine, water rescue, orthopaedic centres, first aid and any kinds of emergency departments. The lightweight of the complete kit and the reduced dimensions makes it the least cumbersome and compact system on the market. In order to make the immobilization system even more easy, Spencer has introduced the Blue Splint Pro, a unique product that thanks to the quick closure and to the wide range of adjustments, can maximize performance. This model is characterized by special elements that increase its durability, certainly appreciated by those who intensively use splints. Ripstop carrying case. They are also supplied singularly.
  • Dimensions Blue Splint Kit: 640 x 100 x h310 mm [25.19 x 3.93 x h12.20 in]
  • Dimensions Blue Splint Pro Kit: 680 x 80 x h350 mm [26.77 x 3.14 x h13.77 in]
  • Weight Blue Splint Kit: 1.5 kg [3.30 lbs]
  • Weight Blue Splint Pro Kit: 2.1 kg [4.62 lbs]
  • Functioning temperature: from -40 to +60 °C [from -40 to +140 °F]
  • Storage temperature: from -40 to +86 °C [from - 40 to +186.8 ºF]
  • Blue Splint leg - JM80003A
  • Blue Splint arm - JM80004A
  • Blue Splint forearm - JM80005A
  • Blue Splint wrist - JM80006A
  • Blue Splint elbow/ankle - JM80007A
  • Blue Splint Kit - JM80002A
  • Blue Splint Pro leg - JM80030A
  • Blue Splint Pro arm - JM80031A
  • Blue Splint Pro forearm - JM80032A
  • Blue Splint Pro wrist - JM80033A
  • Blue Splint Pro elbow/ankle - JM80034A
  • Blue Splint Pro kit - JM80035A
Blue Splint Pro
Blue Splint/Blue Splint Pro

Blue Splint

Splints with flexible internal structure
and self-adherent strips closure

Blue Splint

Blue Splint Pro

Splints with flexible inside structure and with quick-release closure

Blue Splint Pro

The closures

Made of self-adherent strips, they allow a fast and easy fixation. The top part of each splint is highlighted by an orange coloured self-adherent strips. The Blue Splint Pro have straps with adjustable nylon buckles. The top strap is highlighted with by blue webbing.

The finishing high precision

Finishing is high precision and resistant in order to increase the performance of the splints in comfort and durability. The profile structure is obtained by sewing a nylon band to the Nyoprene support.

The colour

The outside part is blue, the inside is black.

The Inside structure

It is made of a tempered ergonomic profile. The profile, purposely studied, offers total rigidity. The thermal treatment allows bending and return to the original profile under normal conditions without considerable structural alterations.

The cleaning

It can be done directly with alcohol or mild disinfectants. On removing the inside structure, Blue Splint can be machine-washed at a maximum of 40 °C [+104 °F].

The material

Osama-Tex has specifically studied and produced Nyoprene for the realization of Blue Splints. Nyoprene has structural characteristics and incomparable therapeutic and dynamic properties, determined by the sandwich composition: a central core of neoprene, covered by non-absorbent 100% laminated nylon on the outside and inside part. This configuration permits:
  • pain relief caused by muscle tendon and joint strains
  • maintains constant body temperature
  • contributes to lightly compressing the injured area, thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of Neoprene, whilst preventing swelling of the limbs
  • reduce congestion around the lesion
  • increase the durability of the material
  • improve cleaning and disinfection
  • operates with excellent temperature range (from -40 to +60 °C) [from -40 to +140 °F]
Adhesives are not used in the coupling therefore cutaneous irritations are eliminated; it also increases the performance of perspiration and heat control.

Urrà Splint

Semi-rigid splints

Urrà Splint
Tampography Product 40 x 20 mm [1.57 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 200
Hot printing Transport bag 100 x 50 mm [3.93 x 1.96 in] col 01 min 10
This particular immobilization system has exceptional characteristics. A thin layer of aluminium is covered with expanded closed cell polypropylene, impermeable to fluids and blood, and is X-ray compatible. When it is longitudinally nerved, the splint becomes a semi-rigid support for the distal parts of the limbs. The surface is soft and sufficiently resistant to be sanitised and re-used over and over again. Thanks to its small size, it can be placed inside all types of first aid kits. Available in different sizes.
  • Functioning temperature: from -10 to +55 °C [from +14 to +131 °F]
  • Storage temperature: from -20 to +60 °C [from -4 to +140 °F]
  • Urrà Splint size S (220 x 5 x h108 mm) ([8.66 x 0.19 x h4.25 in]) - JM90002A
  • Urrà Splint size M (460 x 5 x h108 mm) ([18.11 x 0.19 x h4.25 in]) - JM90001A
  • Urrà Splint size L (905 x 5 x h108 mm) ([35.62 x 0.19 x h4.25 in]) - JM90000A
Urrà Splint

Urrà Kit

Immobilization kit

All you need for the treatment of fractures and sprains in a small container with compartments. It contains
  • three Urrà Splints in different sizes
  • one Spencer Ice Pack instant ice
  • Universal bandage scissors
  • white self-adhesive flexible bandage (10 cm x 6,3 m) ([3.93 x 248.03 in])
  • bag made of strong material, complete with compartments to contain all that is necessary
  • Dimensions: 260 x 85 x h240 mm [10.23 x 3.34 x h9.44 in]
  • Weight: 718 g [1.58 lbs]
  • Urrà Kit - JM90003A
Urrà Kit

Fixo Splint

Rigid splints

Fixo Splint
Hot printing Transport bag 100 x 50 mm [3.93 x 1.96 in] col 01 min 01
The rigid Fixo Splints have been studied for a rapid and easy immobilization of the limbs. They are made of PVC and nylon; the closures have different coloured self-adherent strips to simplify use. They are resistant to liquids, hence to blood and disinfectants. They are washable with soap and water.
The Fixo Splint Kit is composed of
  • splint size XS, for child arm fractures and for adult fractures to the forearm (length: 310 mm) ([12.20 in]), only present in kit of three sizes
  • splint size S, for child leg, knee or ankle fractures and for adult fractures to the arm and forearm (length: 510 mm) ([20.07 in])
  • splint size L, for adult fractures to the leg, knee or ankle (length: 735 mm) ([28.93 in])
Fixo Splint
  • Dimensions Fixo Splint Kit two sizes: 805 x 70 x h435 mm [31.69 x 2.75 x h17.12 in]
  • Dimensions Fixo Splint Kit three sizes: 805 x 75 x h435 mm [31.69 x 2.95 x h17.12 in]
  • Weight Fixo Splint Kit two sizes: 2.4 kg [5.29 lbs]
  • Weight Fixo Splint Kit three sizes: 2.8 kg [6.17 lbs]
  • Functioning temperature: from -15 to +60 °C [from +5 to +140 °F]
  • Storage temperature: from -15 to +60 °C [from +5 to +140 °F]
  • Fixo Splint size XS - QC70010A
  • Fixo Splint size S - QC70020A
  • Fixo Splint size L - QC70050A
  • Fixo Splint Kit two sizes - QC70090A
  • Fixo Splint Kit three sizes - QC70091A
Fixo Splint