Evacuation basket stretcher

Security problems are assuming an ever more important role on risk-analysis level in civil and working environments for the protection of employees. Particular attention is paid to structures with elevated crowding indexes and environments that involve high-risk activities. The historical experience with maxi-emergencies has shown that apart from necessary respect for specific safety and security norms and legislation, a rescue worker needs to have a global vision of the problem and has to estimate the necessity of the appliance of alternative or integrative measures. In order to guarantee an adequate level of safety, the application of prescribed security norms (which represent only the necessities), are not always sufficient. The use of the Dakar is ideal for improving effectiveness, increasing speed and improving the efficiency of first-aid operations. It can be used with help of the wheels, in order to reduce the number of rescue workers involved, or as a sleigh in case of use of escape stairs. It is very important, because of the natural complicity of emergency situations, that emergency and evacuation equipment is safe but also flexible and easy to use so it can be used by everyone and can be adapted to every possible situation.
Pre-spaced decals Product 100 x 30 mm [3.93 x 1.18 in] col 02 min 01
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  • Dakar yellow - ST04071B
  • Dakar orange - ST04070B



Transport by a single operator



Evacuation toboggan for non ambulates

SL-Aid marks for Spencer and for the panorama of items dedicated to evacuations a new point of reference also in design. Its aggressive lines have been studied in order to improve not only the level of comfort for the patient but also to render it stackable. SL-Aid has also overcome another difficult obstacle; that of having an assuring aspect of maximum efficiency. A philosophy that is reflected also in the new and essential graphics because it takes only a few simple strokes to achieve the definition of such special personality. The materials used in the construction and the methods used in the forging are absolutely avant-garde. The double stave is another novelty; thanks to this solution, matured through our experience in the production of the Skid, the balance of the toboggan has been further improved which in turn also benefits the gliding. La SL-Aid reaches new levels of compact dimensions; these transform themselves in an easier control and an immediate sensibility to all situations. It is supplied with a 30 m [1181 in] polypropylene rope.
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  • Dimensions: 570 x 200 x h1240 mm [22.44 x 7.87 x h48.81 in]
  • Weight: 8 kg [17.6 lbs]
  • SL-Aid - ST00400B
SL-Aid Sliding on stairs thanks to the sledges integrated in the frame.
SL-Aid Gliding on flat surfaces thanks to 4 wheels with integrated ball bearings.

Skid Series

Evacuation chairs


The September 11th events changed the world for ever but have also been an opportunity to revise evacuation and first-aid procedures as never before. The truth is that the request for evacuation is a less probable necessity in case of a terrorist attack than in that everyday life, like during natural disasters, gas leakages, chemical disasters, black-out or fire. September 11th taught us also that, during an emergency evacuation, assistance is necessary not only for the disabled. In many cases, assisted evacuation may become a necessity due to severe disabilities, age or advanced mental or physical stress. It is a reality that today logistic emergency operators recognize the value and the importance of products which render evacuations much more efficient.


In the allocation of spaces, large part of safety and security managers position an evacuation chair on each floor of a building, close to the emergency exits. Additional units often are placed close to first-aid rooms, in security-guard offices, in standby emergency vehicles and close to other spaces dedicated to medical activities. Recommended quantities for medium-crowded medium-sized spaces are one Skid evacuation chair for every 25 individuals up to 100 individuals. In case of the presence of more that 100 individuals, 4 units plus one unit for every 50 individuals are recommended. In case of the presence of more than 1000 individuals, 20 units plus one unit for every 100 individuals are recommended.
  • Skid-E - SK20001E
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Skid-E The innovative sleigh system allows the operator to control the downward movement on the stairs without pulling up the weight.
Skid-E Designed for maximizing manoeuvrability in small spaces and on stairs. Transport of people towards the stairs and back and outside a building without efforts.