Display for oxygen tanks content


LED display for oxygen tanks content

Monitox is ideal whenever it is necessary to check oxygen content in the tanks and especially if they are mounted in a difficult position for the operator; for example if tanks are placed in driving cabin and you need to read the contents when you are on the other side. Monitox is the perfect solution. At any time you can control how many atmospheres there are in both tanks. Through a green and red LED system, Monitox gives you the possibility to visualize the exact oxygen content, green LED indicates the quality and red LED the tanks' reserve. The control panel is equipped with a power supply switch in order to reduce battery consumption when the ambulance is off duty. Compact sizes and a strap installing self-adherent strips system, make the panel easy to assemble on any kind of surface. The electronic gauges have a simultaneous analogical display for pressure control. All the connections are coded in order to avoid installation mistakes. Monitox is compatible with the Self Switch exchanging system. The electronic gauges (thread 1/4 “ gas) can be installed on good quality pressure reducers and on Spencer pressure reducers PRX 05.
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Monitox is composed of an easily installed kit composed of
  • lighting panel with graduated indicator
  • two electronic gauges
  • connecting cables between panels and gauges
  • power supply cable 1 m [39.37 in]
There are boards available for personalized panels, that can be connected to the electronic gauges; these are a handy solution when you need to control one or more oxygen tank.
  • Dimensions panel: 82 x 24 x h70 mm [3.22 x 0.94 x h2.75 in]
  • Weight panel: 200 g [0.44 lbs]
  • Monitox - OX07110A
  • Electronic gauge with electronic LED card - PR81010A
  • Electronic gauge - PR81024A
  • Electronic LED card - PR81049A
  • Power supply cable 1 m [39.37 in]- OX07011A