Fixation systems for oxygen therapy

Our highly qualified research and development team today is ready to present the fixation system for medical applications of tomorrow. Thanks to the use of advanced graphic and modelling systems like CAD software, our engineers have developed efficient and innovative solutions for any problem related to quick fixation. In fact, Rek is versatile, safe and durable and apart from the formal quality, it presents a second level of coherence: the technological and technical content. A dedicated metal sledge allows the fixation of assorted types of equipment and thanks to a threaded brass insert, it is possible to connect flow meters, humidifiers, Venturi aspirators, containers and Vacuum meters.
UNI EN ISO 19054 New LXF
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Crash test 10 G

Rek Pro

Threaded clip

Rek Pro Allows to fix, organise and attach up various users, offering high stability even with vehicle in motion. Using a 1/4 ” gas thread and the rubber connector diameter 6.5 (medical gas) or 8.5 (aspiration) it is possible to connect:
  • flowmeters
  • humidifiers
  • Venturi aspirators
  • Vacuum containers
  • Rek Pro - OX07101B
  • Rek Pro 10 G - OX07102B


Standard clip

Rek Allows the fixing and organising while offering high stability, even with vehicle in motion:
  • sphygmomanometers
  • baskets
  • infusion pole
  • Rek - OX07103B
  • Rek 10 G - OX07104B


Group bar

G-Rail A functional, well equipped and self-carrying bar which organizes space and carries apparatus; this is the simple innovation of the G-Rail. The system proposes a new approach for the organisation of ambulance equipment. The structure in stainless steel is light and the thickness of the materials limited; the combination is robust, functional and pleasantly essential. Supplied with all necessary appliances, it is easy to fix to the ambulance's internal wall. It can also be cut for correct fit int the ambulance.
  • G-Rail 1 m [39.37 in] - OX07811E
  • G-Rail 10 G 1 m [39.37 in] - OX07812E