Oxygen tank containers


Nylon oxygen tank carrier

Oxypack is made in tear proof, nylon Ripstop 600 D or easily washable SPEN-TEX. The compartment which contains the tank has an expansive, closed cell padding and a robust zipper closure, to ensure good protection should the tank itself receive any knocks. On the side of the tank holder a bag has been attached (also with a zipper closure) dedicated to the accessories for the administration of oxygen and a manual resuscitator. The patients undergoing oxygen therapy can be directly connected to the outlet of the pressure regulator which is found on the tank, through an anti-crush PVC tube, thanks to an opening which connects the tank compartment to the accessory holder. This way, during use, it will be sufficient to keep the accessory holder open so that greater protection for both the tank and the adaptor is ensured. To facilitate transport, Oxypack is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. Available for oxygen tanks of 2 and 5 L. The Oxypack 2 L is also available in the version that has a harness for attachment to the edge of the stretcher.
  • Oxypack 1 for 5 L tank - CB09005A
  • Oxypack 2 for 2 L tank - CB09002A
  • Oxypack 2 for stretchers - CB09012A
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Oxypack Kit

  • Oxypack 1 Kit with 5 L tank and pressure reducer - OX10205B
  • Oxypack 1 Kit with 5 L tank, pressure reducer, manual resuscitator and adult mask - OX10206B
  • Oxypack 2 Kit with 2 L tank and pressure reducer - OX10202B
  • Oxypack 2 Kit with 2 L tank, pressure reducer, manual resuscitator and adult mask - OX10203B


EVA oxygen bottle bag

Robust but highly elegant, the perfect solution for both first aid transport requirements and home therapy. Wrapped protection. Exclusive details have been added to the high standards of style, robustness and dynamics of Fusion. A more vigorous external design and a smart interior, able to contain all accessories needed for oxygen therapy. Exterior aspects, practical and functional assets combine with an irresistible architecture. An innovative and secure oxygen bottle bag with round shapes and soft angles made possible by the manufacturing technology which permits simple shapes and highly accurate details. Realized with two shells; an external shell of EVA covered in polyurethane and an internal one of protective polyurethane. These materials confer a important qualities to the product:
  • extremely low stress
  • elasticity which avoids permanent deformation, even on exposure to elevated forces
  • great elastic memory which means that the product always returns to its original shape
  • high resistance to UV rays and chemical substances
  • excellent electrostatic characteristics
  • Dimensions: 320 x 115 x h695 mm [12.59 x 4.52 x h27.36 in]
  • Weight: 1.5 kg [3.30 lbs]
  • Fusion - CB09016A
New LXF Kit
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Fusion Kit

  • Fusion Kit 1 with 5 L tank and pressure reducer - CB09019B
  • Fusion Kit 2 with 3 L tank and pressure reducer - CB09018B

Tank Up

Oxygen tank holder with 20 G fixation

The development of Tank Up has been a way of prominence a particular Spencer manufacturing culture, moulding. Maximum attention to the design of the edges and the contours which suggest maximum protection, even before experimenting the item. Formal, technological and functional research, a oxygen bottle container with very simple and multifunctional shapes at the same time. The air chamber obtained by the double- shell moulding technique, becomes natural protection for the oxygen bottle and its accessories. The front side contains a shaped bag which wraps around the actual bottle. The peculiar identity of the contents is confronted with the extreme simplicity of the container in the most attended balance between weight and size. The certified wall fixation system represents another step in research in terms of shape and function. It can contain a 2 L tank.
  • Dimensions: 210 x 200 x h490 mm [8.26 x 7.87 x h19.29 in]
  • Weight: 2 kg [4.40 lbs]
  • Tank Up - CB09020B
  • Tank Up with 20 G fixation - CB09021B
Tank Up
New LXF Kit
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Crash test 20 G


Polyethylene oxygen tank holder

Innovative design which fully respects functionality and space is the new Tanker, an incredible tank holder which has no rivals thanks to its compactness, lightness, protection and safety properties. Produced with a unique moulding technique in medium density reticular polyethylene which guarantees consistency of thickness highly superior to other moulding techniques along with a considerable elastic memory. The advantages are visible in the angles, corners and on the end part just where structures are usually fragile. The structure has been additionally protected with bumpers, rostrums and rubber supports to guarantee heavy use, safe transportation and firm support during rescue operations. The exterior aspect of the Tanker completely represents the way it protects the tank, the reducer and all the small accessories that are used with the tank. It can contain a 2 L tank with reducer valve.
  • Length: 453 mm [17.83 in]
  • Height: 178 mm [7.01 in]
  • Weight: 800 g [1.76 lbs]
  • Tanker yellow - CB09030B
  • Tanker orange - CB09031B
  • Tanker black - CB09032B


Wall support for tank holder

Spencer is always careful with the use of the devices but also pays great attention to their correct storage. Spencer proposes this accessory that will complete the function of the oxygen tank holder. Made of steel, it has an automatic attaching system. It can be easily applied on the wall, on an ambulance panel, on an emergency trolley and in emergency rooms.
  • T-Wall for Tank Up - CB09022B
  • T-Wall for Tanker - CB09033B


Tank holder with oxygen tank

The oxygen tank holder is completely supplied with medical oxygen tank, including a valve system, pressure reducer and dosage system. It permits opening and closing of pressure through connection to an outlet and control of the outgoing flow, adjustable from 0 to 12 L/min
  • T-Tank with Tank Up - CB09023E
  • T-Tank with Tank Up and T-Wall - CB09024E
  • T-Tank with Tanker - CB09034E
  • T-Tank with Tanker and T-Wall - CB09035E