Oxygen tank trolleys


Oxygen tank holder

The new thing about R-OX is its extraordinary design, its material and its easy use. The structure made of welded tubes of aluminium sheets is very light and at the same time guarantees a shiny finish which is very easy to clean. The position of the handles are unique and ensure a comfortable handgrip even for left-handers. The rear support makes it possible to maintain the trolley and tank in an inclined position. All weight is completely loaded on the wheels. The handle is only used to drive the trolley which avoids the operator having to support all the weight of the trolley and tank. The straps that hold the tank also have rubber bands and adjustable polypropylene belts to guarantee safe attachment, protection and stability during transport. Two large wheels with ball bearings guarantee easy handling and silent operation on rough terrain. Thanks to a generous loading platform and to the innovative supports, it can contain different sizes of tanks. The supports, which have nitrilic integrated elements can hold 3, 5 or 10 L tanks. When not in use, it can be easily folded and stored.
Engraving Product 70 x 10 mm [2.75 x 0.39 in] col 00 min 05
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  • R-OX - OX10400E
  • R-OX with oxygen tank 5 L, flowmeter, humidifier and pressure reducer - OX10401E
  • R-OX with oxygen tank 10 L, flowmeter, humidifier and pressure reducer - OX10402E
R-OX Simple and practical attachment.
R-OX Tapered base to facilitate loading.
R-OX Ambidextrous ergonomical grip.


Containment, fixation and transport system for oxygen bottles

Those who thought it a meteor, can take it easy. The star on the logo of the Spencer equipment continues to shine like no other. The cargo of novelties our company has introduced over a small number of years, is far from exhausted and has actually contributed in a determining way to define new technological, functional and aesthetic standards which have redefined the concept of safety in the formulation of ambulance building standards. The starting point of this project has been the huge technological patrimony and constructive know-how that Spencer has acquired. The point of arrival will be a renewal of the spirit of a company which has made innovation and originality a question of style. The first confirmation is offered by the external aspect of B-OX: soft and sinuous lines which lighten the imposing shell.
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Crash test 20 G
Made in linear polyethylene, it unites various essential benefits:
  • Total protection of the oxygen bottle, valve and reducer
  • 20 G crash test certified fixation system
  • Horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Predisposition for fixation in battery
  • Reduces risks for the ambulance occupants
  • Transport has been made easier thanks to the wheels, integrated in the shell
  • Parking support
  • Reduced risks during transport and refilling operations
  • Easy to wash
  • Adaptable to various capacities
  • Reduced costs
  • Protects and follows the oxygen bottle for its entire lifetime
  • B-OX - OX10003B
  • 20 G fixation - OX10004B
  • B-OX with 5 L oxygen bottle and pressure reducer - OX10058B
  • B-OX with 7 L oxygen bottle and pressure reducer - OX10073B
  • B-OX with 10 L oxygen bottle and pressure reducer - OX10098B
B-OX 20 G compact fixing.
B-OX It can be used with all oxygen tanks.
B-OX Space saver is assembled in series.