Spencer plans and produces avant-garde products using an original approach to design and functional problems. The same tradition of Spencer highlights a capacity to be a leader in the market with innovative strategies and products that are authentic "classics" in resuscitation and CPR.
To plan compact systems for rescue work today, above all, means working on the product as a whole and not just on the single elements in which it is sometimes difficult to find a working harmony. Pick Up has been developed and organized using selective criteria, namely application, aesthetics and performance. The experience acquired from years of research, knowledge of the materials and with use of the most sophisticated and modern technologies, has permitted us to produce the Spencer Mask. A mask in polysulphone and polycarbonate with inflatable silicone cushion.

Lung ventilator

Aware of the multiplicity of aspects involved in a fluid circuit, we have concentrated our efforts on the production of devices that are highly integrated with an increased number of components while at the same time have contained dimensions. The realization of this revolutionary shape, the heart of the new Spencer 118 and of the new "pneumatics" still under design, has permitted us to not only reduce the volume but also the problems that derive from vibrations and from assembly. Our research has been a success and today we can present an element, made with chemically inert materials, which handles the fundamental parameters, (pressure, power and frequency) of a lung ventilator that is destined for emergency work outside of the hospital.
The Spencer lung ventilators have always been equipped with the SPX 100 distributor, that is of such an anadvanced conception that today, it can still be considered avantgarde. The distinctiveness is found in the evolution of its second stage, where the internal passages have been improved in such a way as to guarantee a linear flow of air, where turbulence is completely absent. But above all, there is a new system of ejectors that ensures, with a balance and variation in proportion with the flow, a Venturi effect of extreme precision and repeatability. SPX 100 is the distributor/mixer which is at the top for its performance, it's made in thermoplastic with teflon washers; nothing has been left to chance in order to guarantee a flow and Fi O2 that are trustworthy and precise.
The fruit of long research, PPX 200 is a miniaturized and integrated overpressure valve, which ensures stability to pressure supply, even when depression peaks intervene. It is made with microspheric glass loaded nylon to ensure absolute strength; it is compact and technologically innovative. It is equipped with the prestigious proportional pressure regulation valve, constructed with a balanced harmony that with sensitivity and precision offers incomparable and enduring performance. Today the Spencer lung ventilators are all equipped with the newly conceived overpressure valve, PPX 250, which revolutionizes the traditional standards, by offering increased performance in respect to the popular and established PPX 200.