Emergency city bike

World champions

To go beyond the impossible, to surpass all the limits of technology and performance records, to reach impossible scenarios with sensational style that is inimitable and unique.
This is the real significance of the spirit of Spencer that has been transfused to it's city bike par excellence: Res-Q-Bike. This is a project in continuous technical and stylistic evolution, born from the experience of Graeme Brown and Brett Lancaster, the Professional World and Olympics Champions of the House of Collecchio, and the passion of the Racing Division. This is a dream that has become a reality that will be shared by thousands of rescue workers on the roads throughout the World as a fluid, vibrating and unbeatable emotion. A completely new Res-Q-Bike that is simply exceptional!


City bike equipped for emergencies

Res-Q-Bike An original look.
Compact in its structure, an exciting and agile geometry, versatility and easy to control on all terrain. Apart from the main rigid triangle, it is above all, in the posterior part, that the inventiveness of the Spencer production, present from the first years of its young but intense history, has been allowed to run wild. The rigidity of the framework, which is mostly achieved from the use of oversize aluminium tubing, permits the elastic anterior and posterior elements to work at their best; and the structure is therefore subjected to less mechanical strain. From this very special bike, one can expect services of the highest level, from the lightness to the rigidity to the responsiveness, that will permit easy steering and a high level of comfort, all so important on long routes.
  • Res-Q-Bike bike only - BI00003A
  • Res-Q-Bike with B-bike Bag - BI00001B
Pre-spaced decals Product 150 x 30 mm [3.96 x 1.18 in] col 02 min 01
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B-bike Bag

Matrix modular bag for bike

It has an essential line with a shape that offers the possibility of making the most of the internal space available while adequately protecting the contents. No matter where your destination may be, no matter what use you may have in mind, B-bike Bag, thanks to the enormous versatility of internal space, can be transformed for carrying reanimation kits, bags and any voluminous objects you may wish to transport.
B-bike Bag, apart from giving the bicycle a decisively “rescue” look, raises notably also the passive security, thanks to the use of exclusive fluorescent colours but, above all, to the reflective materials which improve the perception of its presence and visibility to others.
  • Dimensions: 345 x 100 x h300 mm [13.58 x 3.93 x h11.81 in] (for each of the three bags)
  • Weight: 1.8 kg [3.96 lbs]
  • Capacity: 31 L
  • B-bike Bag - BI00002B
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