Star Flag

Medical emergency flag

Star Flag
Hot printing Product 250 x 70 mm [9.84 x 2.75 in] col 01 min 01
A flag which affirms and models itself like the history of the Star of Life, a flag that is charged with the values that vary with the changes in the geographical and cultural atmosphere but, which also a universal symbol for rescue work. Star Flag: your flag. Our flag.
  • Dimensions: 2250 x 1500 mm [88.58 x 59.05 in]
  • Star Flag Spencer - CT12002A
  • Star Flag Star of Life - CT12000A

Star Flag Mini

Flag for vehicles

The Star Flag Mini comes complete with a plastic techno-polimere fixing system.
100% polyester, printed in blue with white background. Double perimetric hem.
  • Dimensions: 460 x 300 mm [18.11 x 11.81 in]
  • Star Flag Mini two pcs - CT12001A
Star Flag Mini
Hot printing Product 120 x 50 mm [4.72 x 1.96 in] col 01 min 10