Key rings with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation masks

Pro Valve Key and Star Mask Key

Key ring with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation mask

The multi-lingual Pro Valve Key and Star Mask Key are supports for a dual purpose project:
  • construction of information aimed at making people aware of elementary and extremely important emergency procedures
  • educational training and practical understanding aimed at knowledge of emergencies and for the appropriate interventions of CPR procedures and obstruction of the respiratory tracts in adults
Naturally, the competence Spencer can boast in the reanimation technology and in personalizing guarantees vital results of great communicative value.
Hot printing Transport bag 30 x 10 mm [1.18 x 0.39 in] col 01 min 30
Embroidery Transport bag 30 x 30 mm [1.18 x 1.18 in] col 03 min 30

Pro Valve Key 1

Nylon key ring

Pro Valve Key 1
  • Pro Valve Key 1 - TA07012C
  • Pro Valve Key 1 with Pro Valve - TA07011C

Star Mask Key 1

Leather key ring

Star Mask Key 1
  • Star Mask Key 1 CT06041B