Pin Series


Pin Series There is nothing that can replace the classic look of enamel, an antique Chinese art developed 6.000 years ago. Every picture is pressed in metal and the engravings are filled with enamel and placed in the oven at an elevated temperature. This way every pin has the quality of a jewel and particulars and colours of a high grade. Each pin is hand polished to obtain a soft yet brilliant look. But we can also use other techniques. Let's talk about them.
We make them simpler…
If you have at present a pin that you wish to duplicate or, if you wish to create a new design with your trademark, you will find at your disposal our attentive and creative designers. You pass on your instructions and we will do the rest. Based on your various demands, we will work with you and contribute to finding the right design and the best kind of pin for your objectives. We can, even at a distance, help you select the colours and the coverings. If you do not have a design, our graphic designers can offer suggestions. We will closely follow every stage of the order so you can have the right product in a right time.
Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Medical Services - ME03002K
First Aid Squad
  • First Aid Squad - ME02303K
Emergency Medical Technician
  • Emergency Medical Technician - ME90513K
  • President - ME02407K
Ambulance Service
  • Ambulance Service - ME02302K
  • Helicopter - ME00407K
Star of Life gold
  • Star of Life gold - ME02802K
Star of Life blue
  • Star of Life blue - ME02602K
  • EMT - ME01606K
  • EMS - ME01602K
  • Caduceo - ME02405K
  • CPR - ME01080K
Rescue Squad
  • Rescue Squad - ME02403K
Paramedic Emergency LS
  • Paramedic Emergency LS - ME02106K
Spencer AED
  • Spencer AED - ME01600K
  • Paramedic - ME01084K
Star of Life  blue/white
  • Star of Life blue/white - ME01503K
  • Ambulance - ME01004K
Star of Life Air
  • Star of Life Air - ME90913K
  • Ambulance - ME01504K


Luminous pin

To the already present features of high quality and durability of the enamel pins, we add a low consuming LED system which simulates the visual warning signals and thus makes this yellow ambulance even more attractive and “visible”. The energy source is guaranteed by a replaceable micro battery contained in the pin itself.
  • Ambulance yellow with LED - ME01005K
Ambulance yellow with LED