Torches, pens and light sticks

TWK 030

Professional torches

TWK Series
Tampography Product 25 x 8 mm [0.98 x 0.31 in] col 01 min 300
Engraving Product 25 x 8 mm [0.98 x 0.31 in] col 00 min 01
The TWK 030 torches are designed and realized for professionals. During the years they have achieved a very good reputation for high quality and reliability. The same precision technology has been used to realise a new generation of high intensity torches. Each TWK 030 torch is build with aeronautic aluminium. The reflector is realized with extreme care to guarantee an intensely adjustable and wide beam. Batteries not included.
  • High intensity light beam
  • Built in aerospatial aluminium
  • Internal and external anodized finishing that allows high resistance to corrosion
  • Linear-focusing system that allows the regulation of the luminous beam from concentrated to diffused
  • Self-cleaning ignition system to guarantee a better functioning and reduce possible oxidation
  • Spare lamp in the rear part of the torch
  • Perfectly water resistant thanks to the O-ring lining
  • Length 138 mm [5.43 in]
  • TWK 030 - DG08030D

Spencer Stick

Luminous stick

Spencer Stick
Tampography Product 5 x 15 mm [0.19 x 0.59 in] col 01 min 300
The luminous Spencer Stick supplies in a little time a strong and safe light, without emanating any heat, without batteries or spark and in every atmospheric condition. It does not require any particular storage or maintenance; it is cheap, portable and only 150 mm [5.90 in] long.
  • A special hook at one end allows to hang it to keep hands free
  • It is individually packed and ready for use: to obtain immediate light, just take the stick out of the pack, break it and shake it for a few seconds
  • It floats, is water resistant and lasts in every atmospheric condition between -5 and +70 °C [between +23 and +158 ºF]; it can be used also during immer-sion
  • It is not toxic, non corrosive and does not pollute; even in case of breakage, the liquid inside doesn't harm the skin and the eyes
  • 360 ° visibility, with no lamp, no batteries, no fuel, no flame, no sparks
  • It doesn't generate heat or flames and can be used even in the presence of flammable or explosive substances
The stick is available in four different colours which lasts for 8 hours. The acquired experience has proved its undisputed efficiency as an emergency and signal light but also for:
  • personal identification
  • vehicle identification
  • road and perimeter marking
  • helicopter night landing
  • river crossings
  • underwater manoeuvres
  • Spencer Stick yellow - TT04020E
  • Spencer Stick orange - TT04030E
  • Spencer Stick red - TT04010E
  • Spencer Stick green - TT04040E