Innovation and originality, why we aim at the top

Innovation is the keyword for all Spencer's projects related to Suction. Every product is born from a synthesis of technology, aesthetics and functionality regardless of it being a new range, increased versatility in use or for a particular application.

In this way Spencer has created devices with a great personality, which have been adopted in the world of emergency, both for completing ambulance equipment packages and on the field. Other innovative Suction systems are currently subject of research and development within Spencer assisted by the most advanced CAD designing systems and in total conformity with the latest norms.

Great performance and durability represent a standard and set an example for others. Please have a look at the complete range of Spencer Suction devices and evaluate the choice through confrontation of the various functions.

Incisive black belt

We have designed a new suction unit with an organic shape represented by the black belt that closes around the middle of the shell. A belt which encloses and protects the alarm system. A shell which incorporates the philosophy behind Judo: "the best use of energy". A new suction device for secretions which can face and answer the professionalism and demand in the emergencies of the future.