Outlets, inlets and colour codes

OXX 41/42/43/44

Outlets UNI 9507

The medical compressed gas units and vacuum units are the crucial parts in a distribution system, where the operator makes connections and disconnections for the supply of specific medical gas for anaesthesia apparatus, pulmonary ventilators, flowmeters, humidifiers or other medical equipment, exactly where a wrong connection could be dangerous for the life of the patient. In order to guarantee the gas-specificity and therefore to prevent the exchange between different gases, the units have been planned following various technical norms, that guarantee the conformity to the European directive of reference. The outlet is mounted on the base block, and contains a valve which opens up only when the inlet is inserted. The outlet contains the devices to hold and release the inlet. Spencer is always very attentive to international and harmonized standards, hence the development of these new medical gas outlets.
OXX 41/42/43/44
0123 LXF
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The construction features, the performance, the choice of the materials, the high precision execution, combined with identification and marking, make these outlets a precise and safe reference for installation on mobile emergency units. The particular construction allows for simple connection to the power supply. There are outlets and colour codes available for the following gases oxygen, nitrogen protoxide, medical air and vacuum.
  • OXX 41 oxygen - OX04103A
  • OXX 42 nitrogen protoxide - OX04106A
  • OXX 43 medical air - OX04105A
  • OXX 44 vacuum - OX04104A

OXX 50/60

Inlets UNI 9507

OXX 50/60 They represent the mobile male component, not interchangeable, designed to be inserted and locked into the outlet, ready to permit the suction of gas. Colour codes are included.
  • OXX 50 thread 1/4 '' gas
  • OXX 50 oxygen - OX05013A
  • OXX 50 nitrogen protoxide - OX05006A
  • OXX 50 medical air - OX05005A
  • OXX 50 vacuum - OX05004A
  • OXX 60 with inlet
  • OXX 60 oxygen, diameter 7 - OX06000B
  • OXX 60 medical air, diameter 7 - OX06001B
  • OXX 60 vacuum, diameter 7.5 - OX06002B
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