Accessories for basket stretchers

Refined details and attentive construction, brilliant solutions and simple intuition have aided Spencer's technicians in creating a new series of accessories, some standard, some optional that do not fear even the most demanding rescuer.

BS-lift Series

Lifting bridle systems

The range of lifting and pulling systems has been developed following intensive research by Spencer in collaboration with the most qualified manufacturers of safety nylon ropes. These lifting systems become protagonists of a process of functional and aesthetic innovation with the creation of a brand new range of colours and coatings in order to adapt to the continual transformations required by rescue.
  • Load capacity STX 519: 450 kg [992 lbs]
  • Load capacity STX 540: 320 kg [705 lbs]
  • Load capacity STX 542: 450 kg [992 lbs]
  • Load capacity STX 520: 450 kg [992 lbs]
  • Load capacity STX 521: 320 kg [705 lbs]
  • STX 519 adjustable lifting bridles - ST04519C
  • STX 540 fixed lifting bridles - ST04522B
  • STX 542 pulling bridles - ST04523B
  • STX 520 adjustable lifting bridles - ST04530B
  • STX 521 fixed lifting bridles - ST04531B
Lifting bridle systems
Embroidery Product 50 x 10 mm [1.96 x 0.39 in] col 03 min 01

STX 537/518/538

Universal floatation systems for basket stretchers

Easy to apply. A must for water rescue and to assure patients in a vertical position. Made of high density polyethylene, covered in SPEN-TEX or strong vinyl coated nylon material. The belts used for the fastening to the basket are made of non-rotting polypropylene attached with treble seaming to the material of the cover. The locking system and buckles are made of nylon 6 that guarantees performance and durability, even in extreme weather and environmental conditions. Some floatation systems are characterized by a reflective band that improves safety and eases locating in conditions of low visibility.
  • STX 537 one piece - ST04525B
  • STX 518 two pieces - ST04518A
  • STX 538 three pieces - ST04524B
Universal floatation systems for basket stretchers
Hot printing Product 80 x 30 mm [3.14 x 1.18 in] col 02 min 01

Speed Basket

Wheels for basket stretchers

The Speed Basket project proposes to assure the reliability of alternative transport supports for basket stretchers. In brief, a wide diffusion of support trolleys should be incentivated in order to offer a solution for every-day problems related to patient transport on rough terrain. The Speed Basket series trolleys are ready to demonstrate their functionality in rescue and recovery operations, significantly reducing the hard work while increasing the speed of operation. It will be possible to experiment these systems in maxi emergency scenarios and Civil Defense in order to improve the integration with conventional sanitary transport. These trolleys present specific characteristics like robustness, easy adaptation to various models of both plastic and metal basket stretchers and an unique price-quality rate.
  • Speed Basket mini - ST04600B
  • Speed Basket mega - ST04601B
Wheels for basket stretchers
Coming soon

STX 40/10

Basket stretcher transport bag

With the STX 40/10, Spencer offers a professional solution for practical, easy and robust stocking and protection systems for basket stretchers. The bags are made out of SPEN-TEX and equipped with useful pockets for various accessories required as supports of rescue activities. A reflecting strip and a logo on the front will help you identifying the stretcher also in situations with limited visibility. The bags are supplied with comfortable hand grips and some models can be used as a backpack. Reinforced rings for secure wall fixation.
  • STX 40 bag for Shell - ST04040A
  • STX 10 for Twin Shell - ST04110A
Basket stretcher transport bag
Hot printing Product 100 x 50 mm [3.93 x 1.96 in] col 02 min 01

Track 5

IV-pole for basket

Unedited solutions for the blocking system, apparently simple in spite of the complexity of its internal systems, innovative for retaining and fixation systems for bottles or bags. The fixation is embedded in the pole, because our technical designers did not want to just make the most of the operational benefits of the telescopic pole; they wanted to render the pole as functional as possible while remaining aesthetically clean in the closed position.
  • Track 5 - IF01059B
IV-pole for basket