The fleet of Spencer ambulance chairs

Transport and evacuation chair

Spencer constructs chairs thinking about people, patients and the users. Chairs that adapt to the modern style of rescue work and answer the fundamental demand for safety and comfort. Every Spencer chair, from the initial idea to the actual realization, expresses this philosophy. We believe nevertheless that the rational and the emotional aspects live side by side. You will therefore discover that not only our Spencer chairs are totally reliable, but they are also pleasing to the eye. Whatever your service may be, there is a Spencer chair that is enthusiastically waiting for you.


Exceptionally versatile

Eva Eva is the new chair designed by a team of rescuers, safety consultants and Spencer technicians, which has enabled us to confront with innovative principles a familiar themes: that of a chair that is not only comfortable, ergonomic and safe as a method of transport but also practical in the evacuation of public environments. Eva is the result of a project that set out to create an extremely versatile chair, studied in detail and with intelligence capable of going beyond fashion, to produce undying trustworthiness and solidity. With a modern and dynamic design, using intelligent yet uncomplicated mechanisms, great flexibility and different models, the new Eva has been tailor-made for you and all your needs. It will be easy for you to be won over not only by the exceptional handling qualities but also by the professionalism and comfort of this type of transport.

Profile Series

Lightness and solidity

Profile Series The innovative design of the Profile Series is, even from the first glance, an obvious example of the Spencer slogan “on the cutting edge of technology“; where are combined apparent contrasts such as lightness and solidity. Whilst the backrest and seat offer an image of refined lightness, the extrusive flatbodied profile gives an effect of extreme solidity. Thanks to its characteristic shape, Spencer claims the creation of new design standards, clearly emphasising the independent character of the innovative ideas, that are at the basis of the Profile Series.

Weld Series

Simplicity and quality

Weld Series The Weld Series, studied following the fundamental principle that foresees a union between simplicity of use and quality of transport, presents a world made up of extreme practicality and high safety standards. The line also distinguishes itself for being lightweight, probably the lightest. The simplification of completely automatic opening and closing operations allows fast action.

Compact Series

Technological design

Compact Series On the transport and evacuation chairs, Spencer has installed a precise and trustworthy safety system combined with an aggressive yet fundamental design. With this equipment, you have an efficient did in emergency situations: the level of security attained establishes a new landmark in this category. The technological design of the Compact Series, along with the quality of the components used, will have a significant impact on the ease of use, reliability and the reduction of storage space.

Skid Series

Evacuation chairs

Skid Series The simplicity of Spencer projects is the result of the intuitive nature of its interface. In pursuit of the sublime balance where nothing is added nor removed, Spencer creates objects and instruments that can be used intuitively, "without thinking", in one of the most difficult sectors for designers: the production for use in not only evacuation scenarios, but also on a daily basis. An absolutely innovative project, part of the exclusive heritage of a unique worldwide manufacturer.