The patient platforms for Spencer stretchers

TRW loading platform

The loading platform is made using a technology that allows production of a hallow structures in a single piece, without need of welding, without internal tensions, with an incomparable uniform thickness, moulded elements and absolute structural rigidity. A surface without solutions of continuity, characterised by rounded contours, that guarantee the rescuer a comfortable grip and a perfect sanitisation even under high pressure.

The configurations

All of the stretchers of the Spencer fleet can be equipped with the extraordinary TRW patient loading platform in different configurations. The platform in a resting position is balanced uniformly to allow the safe transfer of the patient. The positions are easy to achieve with movements that do not require the use of any kind of handle.


Spencer stretchers are also distinguished by their MBC backrest mechanical regulation system, a real milestone in the technique of blocking systems. A system that guarantees trustworthiness and durability for millions of manoeuvres without having to use any kind of lever and above all allows raising of the backrest even laterally. To reset the level or select intermediate positions you use just one hand to activate the ergonomic handle, placed in a distal position, easily found and at the same time, sustaining the weight.


A clever and unprecedented mechanical system, that interacts with a rack made from the top of the patient surface mould. It assures the use of the anti-shock system in one swift movement, without the need to use compound levers. To reset the level or select intermediate positions you must modify the position of an easily identified lateral lever.


The two configurations, anti-shock and comfort are operated simply by intervention on any area of the patient surface. For safety reasons, resetting is carried out using two lateral levers.
TRW loading platform
S configurations
Configurazione S.

S configuration

  • Position of the head inclination between 0 and 75 °
Configurazione T.

T configuration

  • Position of the head inclination between 0 and 75 °
  • Position of the anti-shock or Trendelenburg position between 0 and 10 °
  • The loading platform comes away easily from the frame to allow a complete sanitisation
Configurazione TF.

TF configuration

  • Position of the head inclination between 0 and 75 °
  • Position of the anti-shock and Trendelenburg positions between 0 and 10 °
  • Position of the comfort or Fowler position between 0 and 45 °

The patient board of the future. Today.

The patient board, no longer screwed or welded but obtained from a single piece mould. All edges and the rear wrap onto which the articulations of the patient board movement were linked have been removed. So today, the new patient boards are not only appreciated for the rounded off design and for the particular system used for supporting and fixing the board on the supporting structure that creates the sensation of suspension, but for a choice of solutions that satisfy also the need to be practical and versatile.

DNA flatcar

We believe we have created a masterpiece. A winning design combined with an authentic technical revolution. We have used the polyethylene of the space age in order to create with respect to the old model, a 30% more rigid body and a substantially more concrete comfort for the operator. The features are those of the pure Spencer race; essential and sophisticated, an immediately recognizable shape. A real icon to admire. Completely redesigned proportions, performance, in the primitive force of its shape, a perfect concretisation of authentic Spencer DNA. The new patient surface, already installed on various stretcher models worldwide and in various configurations, brilliantly passed all tests and will soon equip the top level Spencer models.
Pianale DNA