The Spencer fleet of ambulance stretchers


The customised self-loading stretcher

Cross The person who takes on the greater responsibilities will automatically gain a higher entrepreneurial spirit. We have proved to the world and especially to the industry that there are other ways to make a stretcher. In the beginning, we already had clear ideas of what we wanted to achieve, but we did not know how to do it. Since then, marching all in the same direction and at the same time, we have achieved it. Cross articulates flexibly like a ribbon, seducing with its thin dynamic outline, in contrast with past concepts of squareness. Rather than speaking about a new stretcher, we are talking about an invention that opens up unknown possibilities of comfort for patients and users.


The only one with the spine board

Carrera Reducing the weight, improving safety, offering high level performances and long lasting. Ambitious targets that Spencer centres by investing on technology and design quality. The new self-loading Carrera Pro achieves these goals, the only mono-block stretcher that has a purpose made space for storing the spine board. Every stretcher is manufactured in conformity with the most important standards and crafted with skilful care, in order to guarantee a product of superior quality.


The top is standard

Rugby It is not our call to tell you what today, the Rugby represents in the future of stretchers. We can certainly assure you that the Rugby is the fruit of a union between past tradition and advanced techniques: strong, sober, authentically functional and equipped with all those solutions that guarantee excellent performance in conformity with safety regulations and with patient and operator's comfort. The newborn Spencer Rugby maintains the heritage of the previous models left to testify quality and technology. After all, this is just what the many friends and enthusiasts of the Spencer legend were waiting for.

Ella Self

The new Ella Self works hard

Ella Self Build your success on a solid basis: the welded chassis of Ella Self has a very strong frame reinforced with side members and crossbars. Durable, reliable and economic, the new Ella Self works hard, just like you. It is an incredible mix of versatility and efficiency, with high level safety, power, capacity and comfort: more than a simple stretcher, it is a perfect working companion. Your attention will be immediately captured by the vigorous shapes, by the details and especially by the combination of these features with the exclusive Self effect; the unique ability of this stretcher to null the hard work during loading and unloading operations.


The privilege of excellence

Enduro The last expression of the continuous research for perfection that has led to Spencer capturing and fascinating the most demanding rescuers of the whole world. The Enduro stretcher sets the path to a new and better way of organising rescue operations. Technological innovation becomes real life style, the privilege of excellence.



Fox Sometimes just the name gives all the indications you need to understand the vocation of a project: first of all, Fox is a fox, able to run lightly for thousands of kilometres, keen with his dark-coloured mantle and above all loyal to the partner who will stand by his side for a lifetime. The key words of this definition are translated in a Spencer project: delete weight, long-lasting and integral partner for a life-time. Fox is a revolution in movement and contemporarily represents the natural evolution of Spencer stretchers. Always looking for the correct balance between design and performance, Fox is the fruit of years of intense research on transportation of patients and of a pride tradition of design known for its longlasting performance. An absolutely innovative project, exclusive legacy of unique manufacturing.