The Spencer fleet of rescue stretchers

Emergency rescue and first response stretcher

Leader in the market for quality, innovation and image, Spencer represents the most qualified technological reference in terms of rescue. Over the years, Spencer rescue and transportation stretchers have become synonymous of high quality and prestige all over the world of emergency: a professional benchmark able to combine excellent tradition with technology. The wide range of models now established in the market are proof of their indisputable success.


The queen of rescue

Shell No other stretcher in the world can reach the inimitable union of safety, reliability, technology, ergonomic shape and performance that has raised the Shell stretcher to legendary status. With the latest model, Shell has been re-invented; its classic shape has been re-interpreted to adapt to the XXI century and the rich design is equal only to the hi-tech innovations of plastic moulding materials. Beneath the renewed aesthetics, you will find a new range of colours, a new design of the sleds, a totally new structure made of integrated alloy and mattress made of closed-cell foam. The result is a highly performant stretcher that suits all rescue situations.


The revolution of the species

Dakar The new Dakar is here; the model that most exalts the extraordinary characteristics of Spencer emergency stretchers. A new revolutionary model, enriched with important variations of the structure style and a stainless steel chassis. But the most important innovation is the set of 200 mm wheels, designed into the chassis to make the Dakar the most manageable and ergonomic stretcher ever made by Spencer. Today Dakar is ahead of its time and is the only stretcher on the market with these characteristics. Extreme ground conditions, bad weather; nothing can stop Dakar. It is no surprise that, even though it has been available for just a few months, it is considered the favourite rescue stretcher by all rescuers today. Try it, use the wheels and you will discover why the new Dakar is the real revolution of the species.


Tireless protagonist

Boston Boston can be recognized by its dynamic aspect, dominated by a technologically advanced chassis. The 30 mm tube structure resembles the legendary silhouette of the Shell. The colours and finishing have also been defined to offer more choice. A new solution for the patient's board, made with the Spencer Rock spine board, easy to attach to the frame and always available for correct rescue of the traumatized patient. The unprecedented original Spencer design has evolved fast giving life to this highly perfectioned and prestigious model, guaranteeing better reliability and becoming a tireless protagonist of your rescue. Looks and functionality combined in an irresistible architecture.


The total answer

Total Putting together an expressive design and an extraordinary extruded material, Total is the perfect answer no matter what the emergency style is, because it has all the qualities which make it not just a simple stretcher but an essential device. Total is different: it sets its own stile and leaves a trace. You will like it and will find the comfort surrounding the patient irresistible. Whatever your destination is, whatever the use, Total adapts, transforms, welcomes and protects the victim, thanks to the flexibility of its structure, to totally improve the transportation conditions.


Long lasting like no others

With thousands of models already sold, it won't give up and aims to keep up with time by undergoing substantial rejuvenating operations. Two main priorities are the basics of Spencer's superiority: firstly, to satisfy the customer and secondly, to design perfection. The technology used to make the NRT is continuously improving: it uses the knowledge acquired on the field to refine its performance in confined space rescue and to create a prestigious champion of undiscussed superiority.